Mission Of GVP

The fundamental motivating force in all activities of Gandhi Vichar Parisad is Gandhian social-economic and political transformation in the line of 'Gram Swaraj' – the village self governance. This pertains to sustainable alleviation of human suffering, empowerment of village institution and local capacity building and fostering self-governance for self-reliance.

The policies and programmes of the organization reflect equality, sustainable natural resource management and human capacity building.GVP gives active witness to the mandate of Gandhian development principle to human need in the following way:
Emphasis on natural and local resource management for increased/improved accessibility and availability of livelihood.
Empower local institution and capacitate them in instructional and material arrangements, planning and execution and management.
Equity awareness creation and planning.
Strategic alliance and advocacy for technical and resource mobilization and policy influence to the favour of agency mission.

Vision Of GVP

To build a society free from exploitation, injustice, pollution. The society would be self-sufficient and people would live in peace irrespective of caste, colour, creed and race.