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Background Of GVP

Gandhi Vichar Parisad is a non profitable, non-violence, non-political, voluntary organization. It is working since last two decades. It was started as a Study cum Research Centre of Gandhian ideology and flourished by the guidance of many great soul like Vinobaji, Joyprakashji and like many others.

The organization has committed to disseminate Gandhian ideology in every corner of the society and also to make it a concrete reality in the social transformation of poor, marginalized, excluded people and women in particular and villagers in general. The motto of the organization is to organize the village people and bring a social transformation by identifying and using their strength-opportunity and also village resources with actual involvement of them by following the direct democratic principle- for the people, by the people, of the people in non-violent way.

"Non violence is a power which can be wielded equally by all-children, young men and women and grown up people"- as said Gandhiji.

In its long journey GVP experienced and collected the valuable knowledge of villagers and fuse it with the expertise knowledge to build up a new knowledge for social transformation.

All this working procedures are followed by 5 principles made by the organization.
All adult persons of the village shall be the members of the Lok Samity.
All decisions shall be on the basis of consensus.
All privileges or facilities shall begin to be provided from the lowest rung of the society on principles of 'Antodaya'.
All disputes of the village shall be settled within the village and must not be taken out for adjudication.
To work in co-operative for the realization of family ideals in societal behavioral context.

Angered by this often hypocritical approach, we resolved to find solutions for rural issues under the principles of traditional Indian culture, using simple methods in preference to showy ones, and to ensure the involvement of the people. The key was, and is, to motivate them to put their energy and creativity into helping themselves - with our determined support.

Women Empowement Programme

Female members in our society specially in the rural area are working very hard for their family from dawn to dusk. Though they are the most neglected and oppressed, they have no choice to say anything against all kinds of unwanted situation what they are facing day to day at home and outside the home, because they are fully dependent economically on others. Most of the guardians or people think that the girl child is a burden of their family and consequence is girl child marriage, trafficking, forced to involve in illegal sex trade, killing of girl foetus, dowry etc. Situation can be removed through income generating activities (livelihood programme) if the women are involved in livelihood programme, they can earn reasonable money, through various handicraft items manufacturing unit at home. These activities could be organized in a small Women Self Help group formation and thus they would be united themselves and it will boost up their self confidence self esteem and courage's.

G.V.P. has been working with NABARD, Govt. of India since 2012 as an Anchor NGO in Bankura district for promoting and nurturing Women Self Help Groups towards Self Reliance through various livelihood programme, at present above 20,000 women are involved in this project.

• To spread out khadi we have a Charka Centre of women group at our premises and two Khadi Sales Unit, one in Bankura and other is in Kolkata.
• One Industrial Hand Gloves Manufacturing Unit of women group is running at our premises.
• To precious Gallery are established one on Mahatma Gandhi and other is Freedom Fighters of Bankura district.
• One experimental scientific goat rearing farm has been started at Nandigram Ashram with 16 nos. of goats, male and female.
• One vermi compost demonstrative unit has been prepared at Nandigram Ashram for approaching organic farming.
• On 2nd October, 2015 G.V.P. has been awarded 18th Mahatma Gandhi Award for the financial year 2015-2016 by Gandhi Smarak Sangrahalaya (Gandhi Memorial Museum), Barrackpore, North 24 Parganas.
• In our campus one Library cum Study Centre is equipped with Xerox and Internet connection service is done for common people and students.