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Gandhi Vichar Parisad (GVP) was established on 1956 by late Sudarshan Singha and late Sisir Sanyal with the sole aim of social transformation based on Gandhian principles of decentralized, unexploitative, cooperative, self-reliant and peaceful living. Economics of peace and permanence, as envisaged by our leaders has been the guiding principle of this Institute.

We aim to make sustainable development a reality, particularly for the poorest of the poor, by transforming decision making into action. We are not so much a think tank, as a think-and-do-tank: for us positive action, leading to real long-term solutions, follows from our grassroots experiences.

GVP, in 2011, even today, visualizes a just and equitable society in which sustainable development can thrive. GVP also envisages a society where the poor, the marginalized and under privileged have an equal opportunity for involvement in a development process which is value based and sustainable - and also have an appropriate environment to develop their potential to its fullest. The mission of this Institute is to act through realistic, innovative and sustainable interventions for building a capacity for Self Governance at grassroots level as propounded by Mahatma Gandhi in Gram Swaraj. Hence our primary objective is to empower the people through Gram Sabha (Rural Self-Governance System) and Institution building. Priority is given to women, children and socially and economically weaker sections viz., Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, small and marginal farmers. Working for the holistic and sustainable development of these people we can contribute to a more secure, equitable and prosperous society.

Our approach, is, in contrast, saturated with an urgent sense of the importance of a collaborative approach to development, one that listens to the people and works with them. This, for us, is preferable to the imposition of complex 'solutions', involving advanced technologies often produced by the kind of private enterprise, which the establishment is committed to promoting anyway.

Angered by this often hypocritical approach, we resolved to find solutions for rural issues under the principles of traditional Indian culture, using simple methods in preference to showy ones, and to ensure the involvement of the people. The key was, and is, to motivate them to put their energy and creativity into helping themselves - with our determined support.

From the Secretary’s Desk:

Gandhi VicharParisad an N.G.O. in Bankura District started its journey in the year 1956 by a group of Gandhian leaders, social reformers and educationists. The beginning era was marked with seminars, conferences, colloquiums on the whole range of social economic and political Ideas of Mahatma Gandhi and other social philosophers. Then Gandhi VicharParisad changed its work pattern and shifted into direct village development programmes based on concept of "Gram Swaraj" to assess its relevance and validity in the reality of Indian villages. The primary task before G.V.P. was to help the villagers in realizing their own strength and potential accordingly. They were motivated to constitute their own statutory collective bodies at the village level called "LokSamity" to function within a set of operative principles deeply entrenched in the Gandhian ideology of "Gram Swaraj". For this village constructive work Gandhi VicharParisad has been awarded with the most prestigious "JAMNALAL BAJAJ AWARD" in the year of 2001 and prestigious "GANDHI AWARD" in the F/Y 2015-2016.

Organisation was started to work with the natural resources development like forest, water and land reform then gradually it was spread over in the draught prone areas of Western districts of West Bengal and Southern districts of Bihar in the year of 1988-89 in the name of "Bengal Bihar Alternative Draught Action Forum (BBADAF), GVP always works for the people belonging to the poorest of poor i.e. the ideology of "Antodaya" and specially for women and girl child. Gandhi VicharParisad runs Income generating activities for the women, like Industrial hand gloves production, khadi production, besides it organization working with youth groups, boys and girls, runs Health, Education, Nutrition and social values base activities. It has two precious galleries one of rare moments of Mahatma Gandhi's life and other one on the great Freedom Fighters of Bankura District. Along with all activities at present organization is selected as an Anchor N.G.O. in the Bankura district by NABARD, Govt. of India sponsored by Finance Dept. of India for promoting Women Self Help Group formation and livelihood programme.We have got support from Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany, Kolkata for Hand Gloves Production Unit, they have provided 10 sewing machines to our organization. We have received great support from West Bengal Swarojgar Corporation Limited.

Organisation's strength is have a group of skilled dedicated trained workers, technical persons with all structural facilities with I.T. Department and overall a field base volunteers team.

Kalyan Roy
Gandhi VicharParisad